"I knew a guy that tried real estate and fell flat on his face!"

It’s sad, but true. It seems that almost everyone knows someone who started a career in real estate with extremely high hopes, only to fail in very short order. 

We can’t guarantee success. However by evaluating basic attributes and qualities, our proven 3-step process quickly and precisely allows us to identify those people who are “most likely to succeed in real estate sales.” 

The obvious benefit to you, as you think about starting a full-time or part-time career in real estate, is that we remove the vast majority of fears and risks commonly associated with starting any new career.

The benefit to our client real estate companies is that they’re able to concentrate their time and effort training and developing those people who really do “have what it takes” to succeed in a lucrative real estate career. 

Most Great Real Estate Agents Initially
Dismissed The Idea Of A Career In Real Estate

Many of the best real estate salespeople came from non-sales backgrounds.
They never really thought of themselves as sales people. 

Others thought of real estate as a second or third career,
after they retired from their "real" job. Some even viewed it
as a last resort. 

It's a shame, too, because so many great candidates go
their entire lives earning far less than they could, and missing
out on a unique lifestyle affording them the ability to set their
own work schedules, vacations and more.

Success In Real Estate Begins With You

Could you be a natural in real estate?
Appearance, demeanor, attitude and people skills are
the first indicators of a person's likelihood of being what
we call a "natural" in real estate.

There are other indicators, too. By using an aptitude test
(the Real Estate Simulator) that takes about an hour –– plus
an in-depth interview with you –– we’re able to confirm our initial
impressions about you and determine your odds for success in real estate.

Contact us at 314.414.3030 to schedule a personal interview with one of our recruiters. We’ll provide you with a link to several tests and simulators that you take online from the comfort of your home.

There’s no cost or obligation to use our assessment and placement services. All fees are paid by our client real estate companies.
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