Many people begin successful careers in real estate
on a part-time basis. By starting part-time they get their
feet wet, learning the ropes, building self-confidence
and earning extra money.

When the time comes –– that is when their earnings from
real estate exceed what they’re receiving from their
primary job –– they transition into real estate on a full-time
basis. If they’ve been wise, they’ve saved money that can
help support them as they’re making their transition.

For many people, starting part time gives them
a comfort level before they make a full commitment. 

As they say,
“The very best place to begin is at the beginning.”
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Not All Jobs In Real Estate Are “Commission Only”
Some jobs in real estate pay hourly, or a combination of salary plus commission. You could start your career as an administrative assistant, marketing assistant, appointment setter, online search and schedule specialist, or a showing agent to a top producer or team. All can be tailored to your availability schedule.

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Begin Your Real Estate Career Part-Time
“Many new agents start out part-time because they've heard it can take 6 to 12 months to start earning consistent income. That's true for some, but agents who are provided the right tools and system for success can get up to speed in as little as 90 days."

–– Mark Palmero, Yates Newberry & Associates
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