Capitalize On Your Past Performance
Referral Only status:

Perhaps you’re getting ready to retire and thinking of winding down you real estate career. Maybe you’re taking a temporary leave of absence. Possibly someone in your family is retiring and just offered you the opportunity to buy their business.

Real estate licenses are relinquished for many reasons. But do you really want to send your real estate license back to the state? Why not keep it active and take advantage of the occasional deals via friends, family and past clients?

Real Estate Headhunter can help you affordably park your license so you can retain your ability to earn referral fee income.

Call us at 314.414.3030 and ask about placement with a referral-only company.

Thinking about selling:
  • Your real estate practice
  • Your real estate team
  • Your real estate office

If you are the owner of a real estate company and interested in retiring or selling?
We can help. All matters treated with complete confidentially.

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“The highest hourly income in the real estate business is earned by making a referral to another agent."

–– Sam Heiman, Referrals Only Real Estate, LLC