“The key to gauging what someone may earn in real estate is to look at what they’ve earned in previous jobs.”

–– Diane Freer, former Century 21 broker
What's Next?
You’re already successful.

You're comfortable working with the people in your current organization and you have adequate support, but still you know there must be a better way –– a better arrangement for you.

You don’t want to move your desk from one office to
another only to find in six months you're back where you
are now, still wondering if there isn’t a better way.
Perhaps you’ve even thought about building your own team.

Real Estate Headhunter can help you find a solution
that's optimized for you –– financially,
emotionally, and operationally.

Call us to arrange a completely confidential meeting
with one of our experienced recruiters. Tell us what
works for you now and what you think you’re still missing.
Then we'll point you toward a plan to improve your career.

There’s no charge to you for our services. Our fees are
paid by our client real estate companies.

Call 314.414.3030 and speak to Aaron Linn, Regional Director
of Real Estate Headhunter.
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